Gem Mining

Gem mining is a fun activity that the whole family can do. Not only can you actually mine like the original miners did using a water flume, but, every once in awhile, you can find some valuable gems. My oldest son found a large ruby that we had cut into a Mother’s ring for my wife.

NC gem mining

There are a number of gem mines in the area:

Emerald Village – Located just outside of Spruce Pine, Emerald Village is about 40 minutes from the house. They feature an old gen mine that has been turned into a museum, and some of the best gem mining in the area. My family has tried most all the gem mines in the area, and this was our favorite hands down.

Spruce Pine Gemstone Mine – Located right off HWY 26 in Spruce Pine, this is another nice mine to check out.

Gem Mountain – Also located right off HWY 226 in Spuce Pine, Gem Mountain is another neat mine with lots of history and data on mining.